This Pune Home Showcases Luxury in All Its Glory!

Bringing in elegance and luxury to this 12-year-old 4bhk bungalow in Pune was an experience never encountered by our team before. Our clients Mr. Swapnil and Mrs. Asha were very keen to bring in a refreshing aura to this austere property through luxury. Wanting their abode to reflect their palatial tastes, while keeping most spaces customized as per their requirement, is where our team intervened. Their search for a one stop solution interior platform ended when our team steered them towards our team of experts, with a laser focus of providing them with the best experience.

This living area strikes the perfect harmony between modern and luxury:
A need for balance is what drove the couple’s approach towards the colour scheme as well the materials. Stepping into the family lounge, one can feel the richness through the veneers, warm lights, metallic accents, enhanced by delicately crafted flute elements. Featuring a pleasing view of the city, their family room resonated with their dynamic lifestyles, where they would frequently catch up with old friends and family.

This kitchen celebrates elegance and warmth:

“Opening up the kitchen was one of the best decisions we made for our house as suggested.” Wanting a harmonious design and connection between their dining & kitchen, our team suggested a completely open layout, that amplified their spaciousness and created a beautiful congruence between both these spaces. Soaked in magnificent warm grey tones, complimented by the cloud white island counter, gave quite an exquisite look to the kitchen.

Their son’s bedroom delights with it’s elegance, with a flawless amalgamation of cool tones, subtle parquet flooring and a theme breaker cement finished inspired wall. Possessing a simple yet elegant feel, this bedroom was his dream redefined.

This bedroom greets you with refreshing cool tones to take on the city’s heat:

Watch how a trio of champagne surfaces, earthy tones and warm lights bring life to this room!

Creating a stunning bold impact with its white veins & inky surface, this statuario marble was just what Mr. Swapnil wanted for his second son’s bedroom to break the monotony of the space. Accentuated by a striking see through wardrobe, the champagne tones completed the look of the room.

Keeping their cultures alive, a heart-warming present for his parents!

Wanting to gift this bedroom to his parents as a surprise, our designers suggested bringing in elements from their heritage and culture, to make them feel just as comfortable and at home as they did in their native. With a striking mix of tropical, modern, and glam, a hint of Goa was added to the space! Stunning sea green hues, jewel blue velvet furnishings and a tropical wallpaper were incorporated to the room to lend both, lightness, and warmth, which were perfectly suitable to beat the city heat.

Keeping up with their lifestyle, the ultimate boudoir created for the couple:

Keeping up with their lifestyle, the ultimate boudoir created for the couple:

Soaked in grandeur, their master bedroom was the perfect marriage between richness and elegance. “After a long day at work, we wanted a space to just unwind, catch up with each other or just watch a movie.” Creating an ambience that perfectly suited their requirements was what led our designers to channel their inner creativity. To ensure ample storage for their clothes, our designer proposed a layout that completely enclosed their balcony as a walk-in wardrobe space and created an adjoining balcony with their parent’s room terrace. This doubled up their circulation space, and catered to their storage aspect as well without adding too much bulk to the bedroom. Mr. Swapnil and Mrs. Asha were overjoyed with this idea and found this design to be perfectly resonating with their thoughts.

With a thoughtful and holistic approach, our designers restored this bungalow to all it’s glory and redefined our customer’s dreams. Having a platform of experts always ensures the perfect balance between our team and the clients, as well as the feasibility of the creativity pouring out of our team to ensure the perfect experience for our client.

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