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Why our customers choose us and what are the reasons for the same?

Why our customers choose us and what are the reasons for the same?

The analysis & data was almost an eye-opener and really fun to collect and gives me a real sense of achievement. So let’s look at the data now. 

For most of our projects at 100Krafts, we get maximum requests from people who are looking for interiors for their second home?

STATS: Almost 80% of all our customers are second-home buyers.

Reason: When we asked one of our customers why did they choose us? This is what they had to share.

We had done our first home using a carpenter/ contractor as we know him from the last few years and he promised a high quality and economical budget. 
However, once we started living there we started seeing how much space was wasted.”


We as nonexperts had made lots of inappropriate color combinations choices.

However, once we started living there we started seeing how much space was wasted.

We as nonexperts had made lots of inappropriate color combinations choices.

The room furniture size was looking disproportionate as they made the wardrobe size of whatever length we asked them to and it was too huge for the room. 

Once done, the house was no longer looking like our dream house which we wanted it to be. There was overall no theme followed and every room looked disconnected from others. 

No innovation, or wow factor could be seen and we realized we had not paid attention to these.

The economical budget was a mirage that was shown by the carpenters/contractors. We can see the difference now. As we spent the same money and more may be due to delays due to low monitoring. Also, there was no planning and lack of payment schedule.

No explanation of what they said before and why things increased and by how much.

There are no written approvals or systems n processes in place and once we started work, it was a complete black hole. We didn’t know when it will start and end.

STAT: More than 60% of our customers hold key senior positions in some of the top companies in Pune, Bangalore & other cities they are located at.

Reason: When our customers meet us for initial discussions this is what the first interaction looks like. 

They said that for their firstly bought home and woodwork: “we thought of only storages and could not think beyond. However now after the blunders done and money spent, we realise that home is not just a place to live and get shelter, its our outer body. It should fulfill not only functions, but boost our senses everyday.”

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” . 

Just how we choose our friends, we must choose the interior partner. One ends up spending the same amount of money on the core skeleton of the structure, its how well its utilized that makes all the difference. 

When we visited our friends/colleagues’ homes who had invested in getting work done from an awarded, reputed and branded company like 100krafts we could tell the difference.

In almost the same budget or nearly 15 to 20% higher, the same home looked more spacious, with elegance & not just storages. It looked like each corner space was thought of. Each color carefully selected. The value adds from the expert’s planning of design and execution was visible.

STATS: 50% of our customers are from recommendations and the rest 50% get to read our articles & blogs and see our projects published, helping them understand that we have a unique way of approaching a project using our cohesive strong core team and strong customer service. 

Reason: All of my current and old customers will agree to this when I claim that We have a very strong AMC service & a really robust team of loyal people who immediately reach out to the customer concerns even after the AMC period is over.

One of our customer had also said that “the top Senior management at 100Krafts directly talks, meets & understand the concerns and if needed visits the site for review and surprise audits of the work and commitment. This was a huge assurance in an industry plagued by mistrust and wrong commitments. There were problems on our site which the ground level team could not address but the senior member was immediately on site to resolve that and many more issues.”

Our Happy Customers Speak For Us!

The senior management’s personal achievement, background, and their own image was something to be inspired by and be assured of.

100KRAFTS  has been serving homeowners for the last 8 years and the same senior management takes up the ownership and responsibilities. They meet the customers and make sure that the interior and design myths are cleared first.

Their team was very good at explaining how to think first and after the meeting, there was clarity in our minds on what to prioritize, what to expect, what are the right ways to work.

STATS: 90% of our customers have approached us based on well structured reliable and plan based interior works. 

Reason: They have heard about our well-documented processes, and most importantly audits and instantly understand why there is transparency, clarity, and work tracking possibility here. There are escalations in place if needed and above all that we have a few but very strong supplier bases who help us be competitive in pricing even in the premium sector of the industry.

There are a lot more stats about our esteemed clients and we will be happy to discuss those with you while discussing your aspirations for your home.

When you invest in a home its not just for instant gratification, but an investment for years to come. The family size, trends, functionalities, and activities change in those years. So, let experts plan it for you properly from the initial concept using Vastu, anthropometry, ergonomic designs, spatial expertise and with a lot of care on basic functionality needs as well.  

“Self-medication is not always recommended whether its health or Interiors” 🙂

Have a great day!!

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