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Things to keep in mind before buying wallpapers

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The Wallpaper is such a diverse product which not only is giving 3dimentional effects but also replicating numerous material and finishes.As an Architect, it has become a very interesting pastiche of material/finish to wallpaper for a number of sustainable reasons in Interiors…

But without the proper Ergonomic or visualization, this same wallpaper can be disastrous to a given space.

Like Ms.Puja an I.T professional who’s love for traditional mango motif is in no compare and she used it generously all around her 2BHK apartment, even in her Bedroom with Red background. Which only made her apartment look smaller and darker, as the pattern were too dense and the desired luxurious effect changed into dull and non-reflective space.

This was not the scenario for One of our prestigious client Mr.Ravi, who had just bought a 3BHK apartment in a well-known society and wanted to have a Marble panelling on the wall with Golden inlay in their living room.. due to the costing skyrocketing the client didn’t want to go ahead…but fortunately, I was there to guide and introduced them to “Tamatina Wallpapers”, where the costing was 1/3rd compared to the actual marble & golden inlay and as ready in an hours time.

With wallpapers, there is so much to choose from: vinyl, textile, embossed finishes and so much more. Bold colours and enigmatic prints can serve as an accent wall or a feature wall in a room. Even neutral prints in gold, beige and cream can complement both bold and subtle furnishings and exude a timeless appeal, but the downfall is it can dominate or ruin the look of the room if not chosen wisely.

Hence, I shall guide you with the 5 Partis points to keep in mind, while buying or selecting a wallpaper.

1.     Determining on the Purpose of the Room while Consider the colour palette of flooring, upholstery, curtains, etc for Selection of the Wallpaper. For Example; Red is known for its adrenaline-stimulating psychological effect. It may be your favourite colour, but is it the right choice for your bedroom? You may be better off with a calming blue or a relaxing green.

2.     Budget is an important aspect to be kept in mind before choosing wallpaper. These days wallpapers are made with textile fibres. Polyester, cotton and silk are the different materials used in these wallpapers. Silk is expensive and priced at Rs. 800 per square foot and upwards and polyester cotton is priced at Rs. 250 per square foot upwards. Choose the one suitable for your budget. Don’t restrain yourself seeing the per square foot rate as Wallpapers can sustain for as long as 10-15 years. Unlike walls that need to be repainted every 3-5 years, wallpapers are a long-term investment. This means the ROI is higher on wallpaper since it is more durable. If you end up buying a cheap wallpaper it will not just fade-out sooner but scraping and re-installing matching sheets as against the existing, worn-off faded ones is another ballgame.

3.     The pattern is the threshold:Without a doubt, the most important factor in choosing wallpaper is choosing a pattern you like but don’t fall in love with a pattern prematurely. Here are a few patterns and their attribute:

Marble wallpaper makes the room look more magnificent and luxurious.

Wood stainwallpaper replacing real solid wood or veneer giving your space the same Scandinavian theme look with texture grain and semi-shine finish.

3 Dimensional wallpaper is the ones which give the real dept feel or at times really embossed/coming out from the wall…available in both inexpensive and expensive rage, and installation generally requires a pro.

Emotion WallpaperBringing live scale illustration of watercolour, oil paint, acrylic paint and pencil art enhancing the live painting experience in your space.

Mother Nature wallpaper brining the greenery and frost indoors beautifully creating the Boho and Jungle outdoor them.

Large patternsgenerally don’t look good in a small room because they tend to overpower the space and make it seem smaller. A large, open pattern looks best in a larger space.

Metallic Wallpaperare the moisture resistant ones which are the best fit for your bathroom and kitchen area.

4.    The Building envelope and Usage: It’s very important to understand the kind of wall surface you have where you are planning for the wallcovering. If it’s a finely finished and level wall then a glossy one will look the best. If the wall is moderately finished then a texture or fabric one would go and if the wall is a damp one then Vinyl coated ones are the Best.

5.    Always Approach for an Expert Help: Always ensure that you take the help of a charrette or aninterior designer to get the correct colour selection suitable for your space.

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