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In my previous post on How to achieve minimal Scandinavian looks in interiors, we spoke about the basics of this theme and its look. In this blog, let’s get into more detail as to how to achieve a perfect Scandinavian home.

ITS ALL ABOUT MONOCHROME:  Black & white are the base colors for any Scandinavian design. They provide a perfect canvas to build on and work on any given space. And not to mention it gives an aura of understated elegance. True to the theme a black & white colour palate is simple & uncomplicated.

“POP” OF COLOUR:  Even though the color palette of Scandinavian screams black & white doesn’t mean that the colors are totally left out. But the trick is to keep it to a minimum and not overdo it. Maybe an art piece here and there or a decorative piece of colored fabric sofa can do the trick.

WOODWORKS: Wood has been an integral part of interiors for centuries. Scandinavian interiors are no exception. Wooden flooring can work wonders but if you can’t change the flooring, no need to lose heart, wooden furniture, wall features or wooden accessories will give the look.

SNUGGLY COMFORT: While sleek and minimal is the style statement of the Scandinavian theme, functionality also plays an important role. That means you have to make sure that along with the elegant look space is actually comfortable to use. The best way to ensure this is to throw in some soft comfy textiles like cushions, rugs, throws, etc.

PIECE OF WORK: Even though much of the furniture & décor remains clean and minimal in the Scandinavian theme we can always include a piece of furniture or art to stand out in the room and take it to a totally different level. It need not be very loud a soft curve or reflective mirror can be added in. The basic clean lines in the overall theme help to make the statement piece stand out very naturally without making it look over the top.

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