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Theme of the Month – Indian Fusion

Theme of the Month – Indian Fusion

“FUSION” is a much used yet highly understated word.
Now a days Fusion is such a widely used term : we get fusion food – which is a mix of traditional food preparations with spices of different continents.
There is fusion dressing- traditional material stitched in western patterns.
There is fusion music, fusion cultures so on n so forth.
So how do we define FUSION in interiors?
Do we take prominent characters of 2 different interior design themes or eras for that matter & fuse it together to create a unique & inspiring design.?
Simple isn’t it? But sorry to say you can’t be more wrong. When we are creating a fusion of any kind a balance needs to be maintained to make it appealing. Too much of any element & the scale gets tipped off making the outcome look like yet another failed attempt. Stuffing too many themes together may spoil the design if an expert is not involved.
There a real example of what we experienced and I would want to share it with you today.
One of our clients Mr. Chirayu from Vadodara had come to us looking for a villa design.
He was working in Canada and had just purchased the property in a developing society in Vadodara. Even while staying abroad Mr. Chirayu was a proud Indian and very fond of his native GUJARATHI culture. As he was very much attached to his roots we suggested to him that we shall design the villa in a fusion theme where he could have all the comfort of modern luxuries with infusion of traditional characteristic of Gujrat culture. The outcome was quite appealing 😊

The entrance welcomes you with a huge peacock feather mural symbolizing lord Krishna whom Gujaratis follow in predominance. The mayurpankh color is replicated in the furnishings of the foyer & living area to maintain the continuity.

We have converted the regular door opening & beam bottoms into archways to add a touch of traditional architecture in the modern villa.
While the furniture in itself is quite contemporary the addition of mayurpank n gold is adding a character of Indian traditional color hues in the space.

Low seating space in family area with a focal wall adorned with metal lotus backlit flowers makes the space cosy and aligned to the tradition called the “Bhartiya baithak”

A central courtyard is a haven created with full height window and a central mandir unit flooded with natural light & amazing view which is sure to take you in the embrace of almighty.
All the amenities of a modern home are merged with the enchanting characters of Gujarati culture to create this luxurious yet homely space creating a balanced INDIAN FUSION home for Mr. Chirayu.

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