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Why do we renovate our space? Is it only because we want a fresh look? Or maybe because the current quality has lived its life and is wearing out? 100 Krafts taps into the deep level approach of getting ones space renovated: Their existing space does not match up to their lifestyle and requirements, the current design does not have a futuristic thought to it, last but not the least, the older materials, qualities and finishes need to be stepped up, upgraded to the latest technologies which cater to multiple niches at once.

Mr. Mann’s home was a beautiful combination of 2bhk flats, resulting in a large 4bhk home. In our search of making an existing space even more spacious, we want to get rid of all the visual blocks, which is exactly the thought our senior architect kept in mind while approaching this space. Throughout the home, you would see sleek elements, reducing the bulk of the space, not a lot of elements with heavy verticality that would create a break in this space. To accentuate this openness, our team suggested premium Italian wooden coating finishes to add to the clean and sober look, which would not only give an increased design scope and aesthetic appeal, but also cater to easy organization, cleaning and seamlessness. Note : Read this Article too.

Revamping the bathrooms was definitely a task. Our team carried out a complete replacement of internal fittings after a thorough audit of the structure, and even suggested a ledge wall creation to accommodate the latest bathroom fitting design hardware. We often overlook the intricacies of getting any space renovated, the bathroom being the most complicated. Taking the right measures, precautions, and timelines to ensure proper waterproofing, no leakages, water pressure, seamless joints, ample lighting, the perfect sloping angle, and level difference, our technical experts cover it all.  

With different members of the family occupying different spaces, the themes to their liking were very different. Check out these beautiful designs created for them with a fusion of their personalities, the overall theme of the home, and keeping that flow of design! Bringing out the best in your homes with the beauty of customization, the comfort of having a one stop solution to cater to all your needs for any given scope of work to ensure a holistic design journey for you!

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