Sofa Wall Design: 5 Ways To Design Wall Behind Your Sofa

Decor ideas to enhance & to create stunning visual for your wall behind the sofa. Whether it’s a small apartment of a lavish bungalow. You will always have that one wall behind the sofa which is a sore in the eye.

Whether it’s a small apartment of a lavish bungalow. You will always have that one wall behind the sofa which is a sore in the eye.
Do you wonder what to do about it? What do we do with this wall to make it more attractive?
Look at it as a clean canvas, an ideal opportunity to create a stunning visual statement in the room.
Here are a few decore ideas that can help you enhance the space.


A fool-proof way to create a stunning statement on the wall above your sofa is with an oversized mirror. It will not only add instant personality to space but also reflect light, ultimately making the room appear airy and spacious.

There are 2 ways to do it- 

  1. Keep it contemporary, Simple elegant frames with a larger than life mirror. 
  2. Mix it up with a little classic; Another way to go around with adding a larger than life mirror is to give a little classic touch with moulded frame or dash of metallic colour in it. It will not just add a focal point to the wall but will also give the whole room a totally different design perspective.


Think of the plain wall behind the sofa as a blank canvas.

THEME IT UP:- Try grouping art with the same theme on the said wall. The theme can be the same colour or same subject anything. Grouping different sized frames on the same theme give it an organised look.


If you want to create a style statement, thinking out of the box and doing the uncommon, try hanging a gorgeous, enormous fabric backdrop behind the sofa. It will not only instantly highlight the whole place will also give a strong character & boho-chic look to the whole space.


If you are the traveller type try picking up a souvenir plate from all over the place and arrange the same in an abstract way on the wall behind the sofa. You can also use the bone china plates which have been lying around in the cabinets to put to some use. Such things reflect your lifestyle & add a personal touch to your living space. Just keep in mind that the plates you display should be in vivid vibrant colours let it add some liveliness in the space.


Sculptures, wall hanging pieces are also a great way to add liveliness & character to the room. Masks, Cane baskets if nothing else just try adding colourful empty frames behind the sofa and see the empty dead space turning into something you can show off.

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