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Soak in some Art deco inspiration, with this stunning villa in Hyderabad!

Soak in some Art deco inspiration, with this stunning villa in Hyderabad!

Hello my dear readers & welcome back to yet another interesting yet less discussed topic during Interior Designing.

If you feel you have missed out on the Jazz age, the roaring era of 1920’s, Art Déco interiors are perfect to take you back to those fantastic days, where glamour, luxury and exuberant designs come together!

Such was the story of our client Mr. Rahul, who was in a great dilemma as to what design theme will best reflect his personality. His thoughts were greatly conflicted by his choice of design theme, his lifestyle, his utilization of every space in his new villa, located in the heart of Hyderabad.

When Mr. Rahul approached us with all these thoughts, we gave him just the right direction, to unite all his likes and dislikes, and brought our experts on board to conceptualize his initial notions to give him a finer clarity on how our team was perceiving each space in his home for him. He was extremely content with the fusion concept proposed by our team for him, where we had integrated a timeless look with a few modern elements yet brought back a colossal touch of 1920’s in all its glory for his home.

Art deco warmly embraces patterns, which include trapezoids, leaves, branches, motifs, chevrons, etc. accentuated with high- shine finishes, metals like brass, chrome, silver, and decorative details, smartly incorporated throughout the space.

While Krafting this art deco inspired home, the colour palette chosen is one of the most important aspects considered, as each shade chosen has balanced out the metal accents in the space.

With a visually stunning entrance to the villa, grandeur has been brought in with a designer brushed bronze wall concept blended beautifully with an eccentric shoe unit. Going bold with tiles inspired by the mansion in the Great Gatsby, the entire flooring in the house has a striking visual impact!

Characterized with linear elements and geometric motifs, stepping into Mr. Rahul’s prime area, his living, dining, and kitchen, which required the most planning and thematic solutions, to celebrate his lifestyle and personality. We decided to fully exploit the verticality aspect in these areas and double up the space with magnificent full height windows, and sober tones, to give it that refreshing look and feel. Featuring accents of jade and brass trims in furniture, and an Avant-garde coffee table!

Giving a decadent yet elegant look to the dining area, we have gone glam these Nordic inspired art deco chandeliers, to add that dramatic touch to the space. With the dynamic layout proposed by our team, to ensure the family is able to engage with one another without any obstructions, our team has thoughtfully proposed an open layout. The couple was very happy with how their guests as well as family easily had access to all the areas, increasing their interaction and family time in these spaces.

Wanting a rich look for their master bedroom, the master bedroom has been given a bold and stark look, drowned in darker hues combined with unique geometries and textures. Taking you through a visually exciting journey, you will witness jagged pendant lights, high finishes, luxurious lacquer finished wood, along with a surprise theme breaker concept, a cosy pink lounger! Another visually striking element, which was completely unexpected by even Mr. Rahul and his wife was the partition! They absolutely loved the combination of different materials such as mirrors, glass, and marble to create something as sleek and beautiful as that partition! They had always dreamt of having something unique in their home, but were unsure of how it would be possible. Our team ensured they were living their dream and exceeded their expectations. Do not miss out that simple yet beautiful handwoven rug, which is another key feature of this interior style.

During our initial discussions, they weren’t very keen on using their guest bedroom for themselves. Wanting something simple yet elegant, Mr. Rahul wanted the bedroom to be used as a spare bedroom. However, after having a look at our designs proposed for this space, he was super tempted to use it for himself! Our team has curated a very cosy yet sumptuous concept for this bedroom, with an amalgamation of neutral tones, and curved elements, all coming together to give a very invigorating ambience to the space!

How can art deco be complete without some inspiration from Meridiani’s Dimitri collection of furniture? Taking you through the children’s bedrooms, very thoughtfully designed to keep the children engaged and reflect their personality! From stunning customized metallic trims, the subtle shades and tints, to the clever layout planning, our team has charmed their way to the children’s hearts. Notice how lighting plays a very important in both these bedrooms, giving a unique look to every wall in their rooms.

To only have art Deco elements throughout the home, could turn out to be on the bulkier side if not well planned. A well thought out design always ensures that the elements in the space communicate with one another, compliment one another and balance each other, to give that harmonious ambience. Art deco interiors are all about the use of exotic materials, unique geometries, deep hues, décor, and ornate details, but in the right amount. At the end, Art deco is all about taste. It is about reliving in the era of the Great Gatsby, about creating that visual impact with a timeless appeal.

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