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I Have Picked up a really interesting topic today….one which we even discussed on our FB live session a few days ago

In just a second the whole entertainment industry has shifted to our home. Not only that , the health industry, the hobby centers…. schools and you name it. An area of interiors which we considered to be high luxury and even if made was used once a month maybe, has now become the most aspired and highly functional area of the house. Am sure your kids may have their own setting who gets to use the TV and for how many hours at a stretch same with the other entertainment devices.

Yes we are going to talk about home theaters today.

As we all know home theaters were known as a luxury item which people would purchase as a prestigious possession. However, with malls & theaters closed, people practicing social distancing, movies getting released on online streaming channels,  home theatre & similar setups are proving to be the next big thing in entertainment.

Besides common belief home theaters are not just used for entertainment but also provide a good set up for work from home where people are taking a lot of webinars & attending online meetings.

Kids are having their school sessions online this set up is beneficial for the same as well there is lesser distraction & also as the source of light is from the projector behind the person and not for the screen in front it doesn’t harm the delicate eyes of the kids one bit. 

Clients ask us can we create a home theatre in living room or bedroom.

To be very honest if one wants the actual feel of home theatre the viewing experience, the sound effects the comfort of watching it is always advisable to have a separate room for home theater.

This room should have minimum openings, the windows have to be sealed off & even the door opening should be made sound proof by adding rubber gasket  between the door & door frame.

Smaller windows mean lesser glass which reflects sound as well as vibrates with the sounds created by the audio system.


As far as possible the screen should be fixed on the wall & a non retractable one. Retractable screens tend to have undulations which will hamper the picture quality as its fixed only at one end & 3 sides are hanging loose. If you want to use the room as a multipurpose room we suggest you get a moveable partition designed to hide the screen & equipment when not in use.


We all know to get optimal comfort for long duration seating it is important to get appropriate recliners or couches, but along with that the distance between the screen and the seating also plays a major role.

The distance between the screen & the first row of seating should be twice the screen size. If you are planning on a 70-inch screen the first row should be 140 inches away from the screen.


Proper acoustics is a prime necessity in any home theatre room. If you are using a basic quality home theatre or a high end version acoustics will play a major role on the over all experience. How do we achieve it you ask?

Acoustic panels– Acoustic wall panels are used to finish wall surfaces of the room so that they absorb the sound and there is no echo in the room or reverbing noise which leads to headaches after long duration use of the system these should not only be applied to the wall but also on the ceiling . Some of the effective materials are

Fabric panels

Cork Panels


Perforated Wooden panel

Flooring:- As much as the wall flooring plays a major role in sound absorption of the room. Wall to wall carpeting is the best option to choose for the same.


  • Not to forget an integral part of home theater home automation, for the best experience and ease of usage home theatre set up & automation go hand in hand.
  • Wondering why you should add home automation features to your home theatre setup?
  • The ability to manage all of your AV devices from one place, typically a tablet.
  • Automatic dimming or switching off of lights. Climate controlled AC The convenience of hands-free and remote control operation.
  • Flexibility to adjust your surround system.
  • Increased energy efficiency. The option of creating an ambiance will surely convince you to get it installed.


With all the above things in place not only with you get every penny worth of your experience but when integrated properly with y your interiors your home theatre room will also look stunning and will be an asset to your residence.

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