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Inside The Closet

Inside The Closet

When we say every client is different & unique why shouldn’t be the closet- That’s the most frequently used unit and it does not have to be a catalogue based standard one.

Hello Readers!

No, No don’t be spooked by the title. We are not going to talk about the skeleton in the closet.

Its just a regular closet with clothes 😊

As a design expert at 100Krafts when we talk about customized solutions, we go further than what just meets the eye.

Yes even the closets & storages are custom designed uniquely to cater to the client needs.

And why not??

When we say every client is different & unique why shouldn’t be the closet- That’s the most frequently used unit and it does not have to be a catalogue based standard one.

At 100Krafts we get variety of requirements for closet / wardrobe designs, Sometimes its small spaces with big requirements sometimes there is ample space with dedicated walk in closet space.

Now a closet is not just a space where we dump our clothes, there are many elements which need to be taken care of. For instance, space for laptop bags, helmets, jackets, school bags, sports goods, iron table etc.

Unless this has been planned for on priority, all these items are going to lie around the house taking away all the beauty of a creatively designed home,

Hence it is very important to categorize, what goes where!!


Master bedroom is a space where the head couple is going to reside hence the closet also has to be planned as per their needs.

No two individuals are the same – some need more space for hanging clothes some need more for folded clothes space needs to be planned accordingly, that’s not all in hanging clothes as well there is space allocation for ethnic clothes like Kurtis & lehengas, space for trousers, separate space for shirts etc.

A dedicated space for locker is usually required in the master closet.

Along with it space for the lady’s hand bags clutches & other accessories needs to be planned well.

Imagine having a drawer dumped up with socks, a small box filled with sunglasses & watches, wallets lying hither tither. Hence We love the space we like to call a accessory drawer. It has custom sections to fit in accessories like sunglasses, wallets, watches, ties, belts etc. It is just so handy and convenient.

The Bottom space of the closet is the hardest to access hence its best to use it as a section for occasional wear shoes. If one is not very willing to have shoes inside the closet then a pull out tray can be given for ease of access.


When it comes to kids closet they have a totally different set of needs.

The size of kids clothes are smaller, they have more of toys, board games, school related items like school bags, books, stationary items, sports items to be stored. Hence the wardrobe has to be designed keeping all these elements in mind.

In kids wardrobe we recommend more of shelf space which facilitates the use of space in multiple ways. It can be used to store clothes or bags or books.

Hanging area can be minimal just for uniforms & few ironed clothes.

Usually the kid is given the smaller room in the house. Hence we recommend to incorporate units with wardrobe. Like a smart bookshelf can be incorporated in the wardrobe or maybe a pull out study. Externally accessed drawers make them a really good storage space for board games or sports goods.

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