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How to get the most benefit from an Interior company when giving a turnkey project?

How to get the most benefit of an Interior company when giving a turnkey project?

Like in all other technical and highly skilled industries the highest value is of the experienced minds.

Best outputs come out when a team of experts sit together and work on a solution for your home. 

So how much value one should put when the same cohesive team has worked on almost 600 to 700 turnkey projects and they sit together and work on a solution for every project?

The immense level of creative effective and fruitful juices flow with such discussions on a regular basis. Keeping customer priority areas and pain points at the core. 

We do not let any new designer or new operations define the concept or solution.

The core team who has worked on the last 600 projects is the one who authorizes the approvals. Having learned from the old projects, they have understood the market trends and expectations of the customers over the last 7 to 8 years.

They know how to combine the best sort of raw material to get brilliant results.

They are the brains behind a small or a big-budget project.

When you handover your project to 100krafts. We follow the same procedure for your home interiors.

The core team consisting of a senior architect, a technical head, execution heads, and site engineers. They work on the project milestones and give you the benefit of the learnings of the past 600+ projects.

We have learned and implemented what we learned.



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