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Do you know that Curtains are the most under rated element for any kind of space or homes in India are considered as last priority with minimum of planned budget allocation!!

Generally theusage of curtains is defined by the people as a necessity to have some privacy in their spaces. Whereas it as curtains are element that enhances the space, adds upon ambience, makes the space talk through the prints and patterns on the curtains.

Let’s understand how to choose a perfect fit for the room-

Theme- Understanding the theme of the room is very important factor to choose on the curtains stitching style, fabric type textures & pattern for the curtain. For instance – A modern room will definitely demand a extended look for the room/space with minimal of pattern on it with neutral tones, whereas a classic contemporary look can carry an elaborate print on itself with bright tones in itself.

Room Size & ambience – To make a room look big/small, cluttered/welcoming curtains plays a prominent role to create the look. Where the room is small and has a lot of furniture recommendation is to go for full length curtain in an end to end manner, as use of fabric on one complete wall dilutes the heaviness caused by lifeless wooden furniture’s.

Types of window usage/ treatments – Identifying the essence of the openings provided- weather to use it as a cosy window seating or to have a beautiful look of nature through the opening with beautiful look of sunrise, assessing the importance of the opening and the space provided will add upon the beauty of the space with appropriate choice of curtains to drape the windows/ doors.

Colours – Not every colour compliments the room. Let’s understand every room attracts warm or cool colours as per the usage of space with the shape and size of room.

If it’s a Master bedroom cool colours will attract right kind of energies to the room with ambient needs to relax, rest and soothing. But if it’s a Living room warm colours make the space energetic, lively and full of warmth for the space.

Choice of Fabric – How to choose the best suitable fabric for the curtains is a tricky job, as when we see the choices are usually in linens, satins, polyester, velvet and sheers… so to choose one need to understand the basic properties of creating and ambience with their family members lifestyle. How easy will it be for them to maintain different kind of curtains with its drapes around?

Sheers a must have or not? – The biggest fear associated with use of sheer is that how to maintain those with kids and elderly parents at home, the fabric looks so fragile that it will get damaged within few days.

To be frank sheers are a prominent feature for any space to attract good light/ambience without any privacy hindrances. With sheers you can attract good view, natural light and a sheen look with the frills flowing in the room adding upon the warmth of space.

Lastly would like to say curtains are really important elements for the space don’t compromise with it, it can add to the look and make the room look the most attractive place to be or it can ruin the space with its not synchronized look with interiors and make it look clumsy.

At the end you will be spending the planned amount on it. Batter to spend it mindfully with expert’s guidance and consultation and add upon the look.

We here plan & help in allocation of realistic funds for curtains from hand before only based on your theme selection without compromising on final look. Later you are not left in a position of not being able to buy the right curtains due to lack or exhausted funds.

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