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Home Renovation Expectation vs Reality

Home Renovation Expectation
vs Reality

Hello Readers……
May I ask you a question today?
How many of you are living in the same home since childhood? Maybe you shifted to another city and have been staying in the same house ever since.
For most of us “buying a house” is a once in a lifetime investment.
And for some families who are still living in their ancestral homes that is the only place they can imagine to live in.
But at some point of time we all look for change, we all need an upgradation
Sometimes its out of need of maintenance of a structure or sometimes it is just to uplift our lifestyle & upgrade the home with changing needs of the individual.
Whatever the reason, buying a new home & getting a house renovated are both poles apart.
Lets see what are the major differences:-
⦁ A new property is a new construction with latest materials & building technologies. Whereas a old property is built with old materials which have deteriorated over period of time & undergone weathering hence prone to more damage.
⦁ A new property is like a clean slate which can be designed as per will. Unlike an old property which might have unwanted columns, wall thicknesses & washroom placements like Indian seating & no division in dry n wet areas etc designed as per the time it was built in.
⦁ While designing a new property now a days (as all the construction is done as per government norms) proper documentation of electrical, plumbing, civil details, HVAC details are readily available for reference. Where as in renovation project all these details are unknown.
So what is the right way to approach a renovation project.
Home renovation also known as home improvement consists of making alterations & additions to existing space to make it more upto the mark to current design trends or to changed needs of the resident.
Some people might feel it is just an added expense any labor can do a couple of wall breakage & built up new walls, why go through the pain to hire an expert.
The answer is quite simple – A tailor can also stitch and so can a surgeon but we don’t get our wounds stitched from a tailor

⦁ During renovation other than the actual designing main pain point is usually the wear and tear of the premises due to prior usage, natural factors & deterioration.
⦁ Even before starting the designing for interiors factors like leakage issues, floor undulations, plumbing & sanitation, electrical wiring damage, termite & other pest related issues have to be taken into consideration and resolved so that once the renovation is done there is no reoccurring problems to the resident.
⦁ Checking water proofing issues, moisture in walls & ceiling & seepage issues from terraces & outer walls as this is a common problem in old structures.
⦁ Electrical wiring- which tends to rust & detiorate over years of weathering
⦁ Plumbing likes- unlike recent PVC pipes old construction used MS pipe which usually undergo rusting due to minerals in water.
⦁ Checking of floor tiles- which tend to bulge up if the house is older than 15-20 years, also tiles become brittle & are prone to breakage.
⦁ If changes in plumbing is required like an Indian WC is to be converted to European one proper traps needs to be laid reapplication of waterproofing needs to be done changing of pipelines to accommodate new fittings will be necessary.
⦁ Changing of window frame to convert openable and small window to sliding & bigger sized opening might need to be done.
⦁ Additional wire work for wi-fi, speaker wiring, invertor wiring etc will need to be concealed in the walls with proper provisioning of the same.
⦁ Checking of placement of columns & beams needs to be examined so that while expanding a space or creatin a new opening would not expose them.
⦁ Kitchen renovation is a new chapter all together. Laying of piped gas to providing more space efficient storages & proper lighting & ventilation to the space all needs to be considered while designing the same.
If even one of the steps gets missed it will surely interfere with the finish & quality of the other works done. An end to end solution is the only way to go when we think of renovating a space. Hence an expert advice is quite critical.

Home renovation usually involves a lot of civil, electrical as well as plumbing changes and we at 100krafts have the expert team you need for the same.

We at 100krafts have completing more than 300 renovation projects have the hands on experience of tackling these challenges hence we can provide you with unmatched upgradation with technically sound solutions

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