Go Eclectic

A melting pot of interior styles & eras, Eclectic style is not for the faint of heart!
Only people with strong character & style statement can portray the eclectic aura.


Bold is the signature in an eclectic style, then may it be bold colors, patterns or textures all is a big yes when it comes to eclectic.

Unique Objects

Eclectic is anything but minimalistic, Unique & quirky objects from around the world and across the design eras can be a part of this theme. 

However, there is a fine line between a beautifully done eclectic room & a room which is merely a compilation of haphazard & chaotic mixture of the element without a theme or motive.

Mix and Match of Furniture

Think of old & new, mixing up themes & styles works perfectly in eclectic old style furniture with a new polished finish or new furniture with distressed finish is what gets the mood going.

Go Wild

Animal print, animal sculptures & statues, jungle-like plant life, leafy patterns & prints all go well in eclectic, Deer heads, faux taxidermy, faux fur, peacock-like color combinations.

Mix It Up

Bold furniture pieces, Huge light fittings, Layering of different textures, Unexpected decor accents mix it all up while maintaining a base color theme & a basic harmony in the overall space. 

The idea is to make it look casual but maintain a balance at the same time.

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