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Few Ingenious Ways we achieved a Gothic Contemporary Fusion theme in the space!

Hello Dear readers,

Today we have got a very out of box topic for you. At 100Krafts we keep looking for ways to innovate & achieve unique design styles. Today we will be talking about a fusion theme which is not much explored but is a brilliant amalgamation of simplicity & intricacy. 

Lot of us shy away from fusing elements from two different design styles & keep playing it safe. But experimenting with uncommon themes has its own rewards. A sneak peek into how we have achieved a design having both, Contemporary and Gothic elements in it!


Contemporary design encompasses neutral colours, smooth finishes, adequate natural lighting, and is defined by subtle and simple elements. On the other hand, Gothic interiors is highlighted through dark and rich colours, heavy use of ornate decorations and focuses on natural lighting as well.

As you can see in this design, the textures, finishes and elements are inspired by contemporary design, while using colours from Gothic design.

The smooth white marble flooring used gives a subtle and elegant outlook to the space, which balances out with the dark colours used for the furniture from gothic design.



Minimize the use of colours in the space while incorporating ornaments or furniture. The bed back panel uses a single rich colour, with a simple geometric pattern, giving it a touch of richness and elegance at the same time.

Mirrors are commonly used in Gothic interiors with detailed ornamentation. Incorporate mirrors into your space, giving it an organic smooth shape, which is a very proficient way to obtain a fusion of contemporary as well as gothic design.

One key feature of Gothic interiors is metal, which can be seen in various forms in furniture, mirror frames, balustrades, etc. In the kitchen area, metal is used to highlight the bar stool frame which compliments the contemporary themed island counter.

Last but not the least, natural lighting is a salient feature for both these interior styles. Chandeliers are prominently used in gothic interiors, which can be seen in this design as well. It is combined with the use of spotlights to ensure sufficient lighting throughout the space and setting the mood at the same time.

Keep it as simple as possible to obtain the perfect balance between the richness of gothic design and the simplicity of contemporary interiors!

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