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Establishing the right “HO -Working” Space…. !!!(HOME-WORKING SPACE)

Establishing the right “HO -Working” Space…. !!!(HOME-WORKING SPACE)

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“I jump right into work when I’m ready. And leave when I’m done.
There’s zero friction between working and not.”

By – Wade Foster,
Co-founder and CEO of Zapier

Ashok Mohanani, president-elect NAREDCO, Maharashtra, says, “ To meet the new demand, constructing a designated space or replacing the existing extra space(allocated to a storeroom or puja room) with a workspace could work; however; the allocation of a homeoffice is an added cost to the customer.” Therefore, instead of earmarking a specific
space, Mohanani suggests, “Using a spare corner of the house rather than allocating a room in the blueprint could make wounders.” By-Arpika.Bhosale,


Would you like to perceive how to create a “Home-Working” space without pestering your family or inconvenience in your professional approach?
Then, my dear reader, the following is for you.


While constructing such a latitude, our fundamental sphere is saving time, money and utilization of the space while you are at it.

Home’s genius loci are all about leisure, privacy and relaxation. To metamorphose such a space into a multifunctional expanse a harmonious synergy needs to be forged. To amalgamate “rest-n-work” in a single plane is one of the key mastery of us Architects, like
the Image below:

For instance, a simple headboard-wall-unit in an elegant rosewood finish is shown here, where the bed topsy-turvy converting into a working space, without disturbing either or it’s surrounding.

The inbuilt office space is incorporated with precision engineering with tremendous attention to detailing with high-quality finishing, vertebrae conduiting for the laptop and other gadgets; sleek push-pull drawers for your stationery and a re-writable surface for your
notes and scribbles. Making it complete in all aspects.


Without seeing this, could you believe just in one given space and a well ergonomy plan, a multifunctional – Wall showcase, headboard with murphy bed and an office desk space could be achieved?

Well there is more to what meets the eye…Clients ask us can we create a home theatre in living room or bedroom.

With proper ergonomy and anthropometric an office space can be created in a space smaller as shown below:

The Flatmate wall mounted folding desk is an award-winning, space-saving desk designed by
Michael Hilgers for Mueller (or Müller) Möbelwerkstätten. When closed, the Flatmate has a footprint of only 0.09 m², which makes it one of the smallest and best equipped office desks
on the market.


Our solutions can simplify the toughest of the groups, like getting together a Husband and Wife on a single platform. As shown below :

In a Bedroom, a dresser and a working desk is a basic need and if it’s a smaller room then definitely the war is won by the ladies of the house.
But fear not my friends, as you see this issue also has been sorted out by convertible dresser-office tables.

The first image shows a dresser-office desk unit. Here the storage being at one side on which the desk can be slide back-n-froth, giving a person space to stand directly in front of
the mirror. At the top, the Mirror is placed with again with a 3inch deep storage, camouflage behind it.

The second image displays a dresser-office desk unit. Here the dresser is hidden underneath the office desk. With just a flip the complete mirror and multiple pocket dresser open up.
Once closed a seamless office desk is ready for you to set up and work.

These can be created from high gloss laminate or a natural wood laminate, in the machine-made precise finish. With high-quality hinges enabling the foldable/slidable desk making a strong and sturdy working platform. Where glare-free LED strip lights on or by the mirror together with an integrated power socket, USB charging port and a soft-touch switch. Integrated storage spaces are also catered attaining both (wife & husband) storage needs.

Off course, there are unlimited combination and designs to select from.
All you have to decide is to visit us and tell us which works for your home to create your


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