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There is no perfect way of designing a dining room, it is just an endless variety of a space creation which reflects the passion of people it serves.

Here are a few pointers which should be considered while designing this space.

Consider a open plan layout, doing so it gives you the freedom to use up spaces which otherwise would end up as a negative space.

Have a complimentary design scheme for example have a similar color scheme for living & dining so that both the spaces look unified and gives a sense of spaciousness.

Ample light & fresh air are essential for dining areas , as they make the space look bright and airy, merge the outdoor with the indoor add a little glass a touch of greenery.

Opt for neutral color tone for small spaces, beige, muted grey, whites are recommended as neutral hues reflect light & make the space seem larger. If the color pallet seems to monotonous it can be broken with a pop of color by adding an accent wall.


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