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Dining In Delight

Dining In Delight

Hello Readers!!

Today we are back yet again with a topic which will surely match your “TASTE” Pun intended.

Dining spaces are probably the most used space in a household. Yet they are so rarely thought of as a separate space.

As we always discuss the lack of ample space in today’s city life, dining spaces are usually the last thought of.

The clients have come to us with some` space crunch scenarios -where adding a dining table in a space would mean walking in a narrow passage, no space to pull out chair, no space to move around for serving eventually the table ends up as a storage platform & everyone prefers eating on the sofa in front of the TV. Sounds familiar!!

We have a solution for this “SPACE SAVER/MULTIPURPOSE DINING”.

Yes you heard me right. A dining space can surely be compact & multi utility. How you may ask. Here are a few examples.


Compact dining is an idea solution for nuclear families. It can easily be tucked in a small corner & surely looks quite interesting.


Again quite a smart solution for space constrain these kind of tables come with an option of foldable chairs which when not in used can be folded & slide inside the dining table frame itself making it very space saving, also these have an option of opening dual or single flap can be used as a moveable study table as well making it quite versatile.

The above tables don’t need any special fittings or accessories hence are quite packet friendly as well.

Now lets move on to a more stationary option


These can be quite useful & multipurpose when it comes to lack of space. As you can see it doubles up as a storage for miscellaneous items, the back side can be a black board for daily notes or a photo frame & when opened up can easily convert into a dining table for 4.



A corner dining table not just looks cosy it is a real good utilization of space as usually the corner spaces in the house are not utilized & gets wasted as a dead space. Not only corner benches for dining smartly uses this dead area but gives it a design statement as well.

The benches are usually attached to the wall in such designs making them less space consuming, very comfortable & sturdy with a plus of potential storage space below the seating. Hence corner dining tables are a big yes.

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