Decor Tricks To Boost Your Mood

Why do we do home décor?
To boost the aesthetics of our house?
To create a cozy ambiance?
To reflect our lifestyle?
Yes, all of the above are valid points.
But did you know there are tricks in home décor which can actually help in uplifting your mood?
Sometimes we just get bored with our routine life. The monotonous and mundane lifestyle gets on our nerves and we start feeling low and frustrated.
Here are some tips which we can use to shuffle up our surroundings which can help us get the needed change and also are scientifically beneficial for us.

Add Plants

I cannot emphasize enough on how plants can help brighten up your homes.
Nor just the give that refreshing feel to space but are also therapeutic to your health.
Plants produce oxygen which helps with your body functions and there are a variety of plants to suit individual styles.
They purify the air as well as make your home look chic & contemporary effortlessly.

If you have trouble keeping plants alive, succulent plants are a good option as they don’t require consistent watering or much of sunlight. Terrariums are trending for the same reason.

Allow In Sunlight

Vitamin D deficiency can actually cause depression.
Bright room with ample sunlight not just saves on your electricity bills but also are very beneficial for your health and mood.
Hence having a nice cozy sunlit room is a win-win situation.

Use Mood Enhancing Colours

We all have heard of colour therapy. It’s a proven fact that colours affect our moods in a major way.

To revamp & refresh your home try painting it with a new pallet of colours.

You can select from a variety of bright colours for a cheerful home or just go for subtle pastels for more calm and cosy interiors.


The clutter in your home may actually be causing you a lot of stress without you realising it.
Spending some time to clean up and organise your storage while redecorating your home will surely leave you feeling a
lot better.
Storage solutions as per your style can not jus free up space but will also make your life easier and help you find things more faster.

Incorporate Photos

What is better than having the photos of your loved ones & happy memories around your home to enlighten your mood?
It could be photos of places traveled or just special occasions with your loved ones.
Invest a little in buying of frames or just make some DIY projects with your kids to arrange photos of special days and people who are important to you and hang it on a wall maybe above your bed or in the living room.
It will surely lift up your mood & will also be a great way to showcase what is important to people visiting your home.

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