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Bohemian-Contemporized Home Renovation Transformation

Bohemian-Contemporized Bangalore Home Renovation Transformation

With a residence far removed from the bustling city noise, this bohemian-contemporized Bangalore home has witnessed the most magical transformation from a typical traditional home. After our designers saw the initial home, the lack of a theme and personalized touch, they decided to give this home a completely unrecognizable look.

Changing their doors, plumbing lines, electrical switchboards, bathrooms, everything that remained untouched for the past 15 years, this home had seen it all. With Buddhism in her heart, our client wanted to create that beautiful flow of energy right from the entrance.

Capturing that vibe, our designers created a zen inspired foyer, with stunning bamboo elements, a simple yet elegant mirror, fabric designer shutters, along with ample illumination, completely changing the character of this space.

Originally, the space was overpowered by dark wooden toned furniture and dull flooring. Our designers realized the potential of the space, and proposed a complete floor change, along with a sober brick look to the wall that beautifully complimented their existing scarlet furniture. With a gorgeous view from the penthouse, the terracotta tiles were far from pleasing to the eye. Giving a unique twist to the balcony, a stunning Moroccan look was given to the balcony, completely livening it up, creating the perfect ambiance for their evening parties. A mint green kitchen was always her dream, and we created just that for our clients, in a unique Italian coating finish and veneer look.

Stepping on to the second floor, our team saw how the study room was taking away the openness of the space, stealing away the possibility of a home theatre. Our team proposed an open connected layout, breaking open the study toom, enclosing that space and doubling it up with the perfect family room. We dedicated an entire room for our client to practice Buddhism and meditation, as well as fulfilling the functionality by integrating a study table and a library corner.

Originally, there was a separate servant’s quarter, right behind the kid’s bedroom. With a brilliant opening of the kid’s bedroom into the servants’ quarters, converting that into the bathroom, our clients son had the whole space to himself, along with a bathroom, instead of using the common one in the hall. The common washroom in the home theatre was converted to a dreamy storage cum pantry space, with ample space to put away items that would clutter the rest of the home, along with surplus snacks for movie night! Along with complete bathroom renovations, some of the doors were converted from swing to sliding, to maximize floor space.

Coming to one of the highlights of this home, the staircase, that was initially so dull and sombre, was given a vibrant wooden tone on each tread, polished and coated carefully, to complete the look. A flow of pastels, vibrant tones, wooden accents and premium finishes can be seen throughout the home. This renovation gave a new outlook to the home, a transformation that was unimaginable, turned out beautifully with the dynamic relationships of each time on site, closely monitored by our team of experts to achieve the desired look and finish!

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