Bedroom is one place in the home which is very personal to every individual may  it be master bed, parents bed or kids bed.

It is a perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation hence while designing the bedroom lot of things needs to be taken into consideration.

VASTU– As bedroom is a space in which a person submerges to get over the whole days strain to get relaxed and to attain peace.

Master bedroom should be placed in south west corner of the house while the head side of the bed should be towards south to align the body with the magnetic center of earth so that we gain sound (REM)sleep.

COLOUR THEME- Bedrooms should give a feel of coziness and comfort hence color the color theme should be something that reflects the owners taste.

Preferable pastel colors like beige, brown, white with pop of color are recommended however with changing times unconventional colors like black, maroon, navy blue, dark green are finding their way to merge with the space.

From warm dim lit cosy bedrooms to elegant minimalist and chic designs bedrooms there are numerous themes which a bedroom can be designed in.


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