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Re-BATH – Common Mistakes To Avoid While Remodelling Bathrooms

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Remodelling Bathrooms

My Private place:

The moment I enter my home, the first place I want to get lost in is my beautifully done-up bathroom. It’s a private place and I am able to fully detox myself and feel rejuvenated. A lavish bathroom is what we all deserve and a place that defines and reveals our actual living standard in this important area of the house.

Whether you are thinking of getting bath, get soaked in bathing foam, Epsom salts and relax after a hectic day, a stylish bathroom surely adds to the fun.

Seepages, irregularly working sanitary fittings, water clogging, wrong slope, rusted old stained bathroom fixtures ……… urrrggghhhh …these thoughts are as repulsive as it’s to enter this kind of bathroom.

A stylish detox room

Now suppose we are able to choose the perfect tiles, bathtub, vanity and lighting for your own lux bathroom…. Imagine a dry, well styled, highly functional and neat space managed bathroom…. It’s the perfect setting….A place which you need to use daily and multiple times, splash water, acids, soaps and chemicals… it needs to be robust, waterproof, rightly sloped, good quality fixtures, low maintenance materials and overall giving a 5 star feel.

All you need for the above is the right team to look after the technicalities of building up such a bathroom.

Speaking of technicalities, bathroom renovation work involves lots of intricacy and accuracy at every stage of making the masterpiece. The best way to compare bids is to ensure that minuscule steps of bathroom renovation are addressed.


  • The most unpleasant side of bathroom remodelling are the unscrupulous local civil contractors who can pull away the entire job within less timeline and cost by skipping one of the three waterproofing coatings, by filling less mortar while tile pasting, by assigning unskilled cheap artisans, by not factoring in all the costs initially, not adhering to the deadlines.
  • Contractors usually fail to give the right slope in the right direction to the floor tiles, leading to a major water clogging, impacting daily bathroom floor cleaning activity for the user.
  • Wall tiles loosening the hold of the walls, having cracks, generating noise is very much common with contractor trying to sneak out money by saving material cost.
  • Selecting a lower cost installation option which is done without any professional supervision, won’t last as long or may cause issues almost always ending up with heavy cost over every 2-3 years.
  • To coverup for the delayed timeline and to save on labourers daily wages, the most common practice is skipping of waterproofing testing. While the right way would be clogging of water in the bathroom for 5-7 days for ensuring a highly durable waterproofing coating.

The Right Approach to bathroom renovation/remodeling

  • An analytical approach toward planning the right sequence of civil, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and false ceiling work is the real game changer.
  • Considering everything from large to small details – knowing the exact light fixtures one wants to install after the bathroom is fully ready, but concealing the electrical wires at the stage of wall tiles pasting, knowing the right bathroom anthropometry for catering to different functions along with aesthetics. 

We have seen unintended results of ending up with high cost solutions towards the end of the bathroom remodelling, while it was determined at an low initial cost. Hence empanelling a trusted company who can closely monitor each step of execution effectively, who can manage multiple vendors and their interdependencies throughout remodelling of bathroom is highly essential.

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