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When an individual plan to decorate their home an option of hiring a designer is always a critical one, why hire a designer when we have so many designs online which we can get done from a carpenter? why add the cost of designer fees? Why invest so much time and effort sort listing designers? What if the designer doesn’t understand our requirement and we are stuck with their style rather than having the home of our dreams?

Here are some eye-openers:

It Saves Money




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Even if it sounds absurd hiring someone to design your home will save you money as they can guide you against doing costly mistakes in execution, material selection, strategic placement of units, etc. which will, in turn, save your money in the long run. For example you might like a piece of furniture in the store but when placed in your living room might look bulky & eat up more space than imagined, finding the right color shade for a highlighter wall might take you 3-4 attempts for coloring the whole wall before finalizing the shade cos the patch looked different and once colored on the entire wall looks too flashy or too dull such mistakes are going to cost you extra money which can be avoided if a proficient designer is there to guide you about it. Also hiring a designer will add on to the value of the house if it has to be resold an interior designed house will always have its advantages in the listings.

It’s going to save you time





Hiring a designer will not only save you money but will also save you time which you otherwise would be spending in figuring out the right places to buy materials the right time to do the right thing, as a professional designer will be able to foresee if any problems are going to occur at the site and plan the execution accordingly, this will lead to a solid plan of action and will help the work to progress smoothly. Also, the designer will have ready resources for all your needs which will reduce the time spent in research for the appropriate material, brand, prices & its availability in the market.

Bridging the relations

The designer will help you bridge the relation between the client & vendors as they are trained and know how to speak the language of vendors, contractors, dealers. Stronghold & coordination on which is required for the project to move smoothly to be completed in stipulated time.

Professional Assessment




As a designer is trained & experienced in his job he will be able to find out mistakes or problems which might not be grasped by the client. For example wastage of material, alignment of structures, also they can help you with a lot of technical aspects like the placement of lighting & electrical points, the requirement of the task and ambient light for a particular area as per its use. Type of flooring to be used in particular areas, ventilation requirement in certain spaces, etc.

Creating the “WoW” Factor

Designers are trained to think creatively and have a visualization of the overall picture which the client lacks, as a client you might like a couple of furniture pieces of furnishing fabrics & artifacts but how will all that look together in the allocated space is something one cant presume that is where the designer comes into play as they have the experience & a keen creative eye they can do a lot with minimal elements. The designer will create custom designed pieces to fit into your budget, requirement & make sure everything fits perfectly & is truly special to your home. A designer will help you achieve a balance between aesthetics & functionality.

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