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A Gothic inspired contemporary kid’s washroom

A Gothic inspired contemporary kids washroom

Dear readers,

A common notion of gothic period architecture & interior inspiration is that it is quite creepy & dark, with use of dark colors, heavy drapery & intricately detailed statues it gives a impression of a opulent interiors.

Creating a kids washroom with a fusion of gothic interiors was quite a challenge, it had to have the characteristic  & features of gothic era merged with soft color tones of contemporary design creating a perfect balance of conceptual design going hand in hand with the functionality of the space.

Use of dark colors on walls with lighter floor & sanitary fittings create a much needed balance in the overall ambiance. The lighting is kept to a minimum with mostly indirect light, use of the chandelier adds to the character of gothic era.

Subtle color & floral highlighter wall creates a touch of contemporary in the otherwise dark design.

We have introduced feminine characters created in rustic metal frame to merge the contemporary & gothic together. Gold is a metal inlay used in both gothic as well as contemporary designs this is strategically used in this washroom design in washbasin pedestal, mirror framing & decorative lights.

Huge framed mirrors, trollies for utilities are some elements which are an inspiration from the gothic era.

Overall we have tried to create a unique combination of 2 totally different design concepts & tie them together with some common elements & merging inspirations & modifying them to create a integrated fusion. 

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