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A beautiful marriage between smart solutions and aesthetic designs brought this 2bhk to life!

A beautiful marriage between smart solutions and aesthetic designs brought this 2bhk to life!

 A beautiful marriage between smart solutions and aesthetic designs brought this 2bhk to life! Prepare to be blown away by the fantastic details and unique concepts in this contemporary inspired home. For Mr. Rahul, integrating his needs without compromising on the functionality and openness of the space was becoming a challenge in this compact home. With the exponential growth towards the fondness of a minimalistic, clutter free design, Mr. Rahul too was a believer in the mantra of “Less is More”! Gone are those days where Indian homes are filled with bold colours, heavy details, and furniture. Watch this home take a remarkable turnaround, with clean lines, hidden concepts and a subtle look and feel.

With an entrance passage hindering the incorporation of a foyer space, our designer has added character to the tv wall, integrating space for their shoes behind the TV! One can never imagine how our team has enhanced the sleek space behind the TV panel to accommodate their footwear.

The cosiness and warmth of our living room couch is what defines home for most of us. The living room not only creates the first impression but is also where our personality can be seen reflecting through various elements as it guides the eyes to the desired focus elements. When you step into Mr. Rahul’s home, you are immediately struck by his tasteful sense of colours and designs.

Going towards the most interesting part of his home, the kitchen, which originally had a door for the opening. We often tend to focus on the new elements and leave the existing elements untouched. To give you a complete integrated design, our team focuses on these minute details as well, to unify all the spaces in terms of look and feel. A stunning hidden concept was given to the kitchen, by creating a sliding entrance with a lovely life-size painting. When closed, it gives you an illusion of display of artwork in the passage area!

Often we are faced with existing kitchen dado tiles, due to which the complete kitchen design proposed by our team has to compliment those tiles, to avoid a mismatch in themes. We faced a similar hurdle here, and with no time to go ahead for any civil changes, our designers proposed pasting of a furniture film on the existing tiles, which not only changed the complete look and feel of the kitchen, but also cleared up the illusion of it being a compact space!

Embracing an open concept, the dining and living space were merged to give the layout a spacious look and feel. With another hurdle of only a passageway as a dining space, Mr. Rahul’s main concern here was: “How are we planning to have dining space here? There is hardly any space.” When space has no restriction on one’s creativity, the possibilities are endless. Our designers proposed a smart dining table concept, stepping away from a conventional one, which can be pulled out along with bench seaters when needed, and pushed back in to clear up the passage.

Having a classic touch to the master bedroom with sober wall treatments, this was beautifully paired with a platform bed, which stole the show and created a harmonious look in the bedroom. Don’t miss out on the shutters curated for the couple by the designer!

Continuing the neutral colour tone play to the parents’ bedroom, with all the multifunctional units on one wall of the room, having the bed, wardrobe, loft and pocket side tables to one side amazed the customer with the ample circulation space he obtained throughout the other part of the room.

Absolutely loving the all-white and grey theme, with a hint of glam here and there, Mr. Rahul was loving how we had made his home even more spacious after the interior proposals. He was in awe of the possibilities his space offered our team for creativity, he could not have imagined a better way to design his space is what he told our team!

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