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Stay Home Stay Safe is the united Mantra of the World today.

But Staying home & especially working from home comes with its own complexities.

May it be Work from home, Staying Fit, Meditating or any activity that needs a special space where one can focus and get immersed in the task to get most out of it.

Lot of our customers have been asking us to create such functional spaces without cutting into the actual room space. So we decided why not use the balcony space to create these task oriented areas.

Before the pandemic hit we were using these balcony area to just relax have a cup of coffee or to create a small green area at the max not much thought was given to this area and it was more of an aesthetic space than functional one. But due to the cultural shift caused by the lockdown where more and more people might opt for working from home even after the pandemic has flatten its curve the need has occurred to think about this extra space to be planned in a more logical way.

Recently we completed design for a client who has a 3BHK apartment in pune. The design was done prior to the pandemic & we were entering the execution phase when the lockdown occurred. As everyone else the husband & wife both had to work from home their daughter had school sessions at home hence everyone needed their space.

We did have a study for the kid and one extra study created in guest bed but with both husband and wife having to take calls from home & the husband working in software company had a huge office set up with multiple screens and lot of equipment’s & books assisting his work it was getting tough to work from home. They had been talking to us regarding the issues they were facing during the lockdown related to work & someone had to sit either at the dining table or in bed and do their office tasks and how uncomfortable it was. Anyhow they had a decently sized outdoor sitting space next to the living area which was previously designed as a sit out space which was getting used only for an hour or so in a day, so we suggested them why not convert it into a small home office which can be a dedicated space for work and would solve lot of the problems they were facing. They were very excited with this suggestion and readily accepted.

This was the original design which was done prior to the pandemic, having just some planter boxes, screen for privacy & moveable seating with coffee table.

After the pandemic this is what we created using cement sheet partitions a temporary roof which was finished with false ceiling below. Due to the materials we are using n no addition of brick wall or concrete slab this structure will be considered as a temporary structure and won’t add upto the FSI.

But at the same time client is getting a decent separate space where he can work 8 hours  day without any disturbance and have all the necessary things in one space.

Here are a few more examples in which a smaller balcony space can be utilized to the max potential.


When the balcony is small and we can’t have a separate book self providing shallow shelves on the walls does the trick.

We can also open up the wall & create half storage which will differentiate the space as well as add to some extra storage space and can work as an extended countertop, this will give an illusion of a bigger space too.


A small zen area to do daily meditation or yoga practice. This can be achieved by adding some natural elements like pebbles, cane furniture, bamboo wall claddings, lanterns, etc in the balcony.


Weather you are missing going to fancy restaurants with outdoor seating or just want to enjoy the beautiful view your balcony has along with some delicious food these minimal outdoor food counters will be a welcoming change to the conventional dining area.


Even if we are not able to entertain guests right now everyone deserves a break from the daily routine. The balcony is a perfect place to create that small nook for the bar area away from the main rooms.


Last but not least for the fitness freaks balcony spaces can very well be used to fit in some gym equipment’s so that you don’t miss your gym as badly. Agreed that it won’t be as spacious & you won’t be able to fit in all the ensemble but we can make the most of what we have.


We all know by now that working from home can sometimes get tiring especially when we are practicing social distancing & have no house help. Managing office, as well as the house, works leaves a person full of fatigue at the end of the say. A nice quite cozy relaxation space is what a person craves at these hours. Add a hammock or a nice cane swing to the balcony and you have a heaven of solitude all to yourself.

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