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5 Smart solutions to maximize Storage in your Kitchen!

5 Smart solutions to maximize Storage in your Kitchen!

Hello Dear readers! What does your kitchen mean to you? How important is it in your daily routine?

Your kitchen is always the heart of your home. The aroma, the memories, the conversations here, are something we cherish throughout. With all our five senses heightened here, the kitchen is something which requires a holistic approach towards functionality as well as lifestyle. Today we delve into some smart ways to obtain maximised storage options, adding a decluttered feel to our space.

While designing a kitchen, we try to use each inch to its best. While not wanting to waste any corner, we often forget that we are inviting more unnecessary clutter into our kitchen. With a bit of smart planning, and a long-term approach, you will be able to use every corner to its fullest.

Here are some simple ways to amplify on the storage aspect in your space! 

1. Ditch bulky packaging, go for clear decant jars to store your items
Removing foods stored in big boxes, containers, etc gives a very inconsistent look and feel. Going for see through jars gives it a neat and organized look, while allowing you to store food in multiple segregated jars instead of one large box.

2. Try doubling up your shelf space!
Nowadays, with no shortage on the number of options for kitchen accessories, try opting for some in cabinet shelving. These are a very smart way to completely utilise your shelves within the cabinets.

3. Smart visual options for those hidden away pantry items!
Most of our snack items, or canned foods often get pushed all the way to the back, hidden away from plain sight. Why let them gather dust? With smart elements such as risers, baskets or even lazy susans, elevate these items on your shelves and give them their dedicated space in your kitchen.

4. Create Groupings!
One of the fundamentals of organization is to store away similar items together, making them easy to access and use, giving you a more organized feel as well!

5. Get creative with Wall storage!
What happens to that tiny niche next to your fridge? Or to that dusty little corner near your window? Utilise these spaces with hooks, wall racks, etc to have an easy access corner for your daily use items such as towels, spatulas, mugs, etc. Adding small shelves also prove to be of great use to keep salt, sugar, coffee, tea, etc handy!

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