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3 Smart Colour Choices In A Kid’s Bedroom To Kindle Creativity!

3 Smart Colour Choices In A Kid’s Bedroom To Kindle Creativity!

Ever felt the colour palette for your kid’s bedroom is toning down their energy and creativity? We often overlook the impact the colour scheme of space has on one’s mind. These colours, textures and elements are what they spend the most time enveloped in, doing all their activities. A mindful selection of colours and elements for their room is a must to match their dynamic energy, personality, and lives.


Children often outgrow bold colours, hence choosing the right tint and dose of that colour Is extremely important. Pastel hues of pink, mint, grey when combined are associated with sweetness and femininity, and increase the feeling of calmness and comfort in a child.


Being on the energetic end of the spectrum, vibrant colours such as yellow, orange, and red induce a rush of positivity and give an upbeat feeling to the space. Colours like these help in increasing concentration and memory. However, a larger use of these colours can increase agitation, and fatigue to the eye if used in bolder tones.


A bit on the tricky side of the colour palette, blue is often associated with different emotions and personalities. Lighter hues or shades of blue have a very soothing and calming effect, even creating a more spiritual centric space. However one must not go overboard with the colour in terms of its tone or usage, as it can have an energy draining effect.

At the end of the day, the children’s preference must be kept in mind, and used smartly as per the colour’s impact on one’s mind and energy. The colour choice must always enhance their mood and uplift their spirits. Along with the colour scheme, it’s application throughout the room must be in a very thoughtful manner. Filling up all the walls with a similar theme or colour scheme can overwhelm children. Balancing out colours with a few subtle elements  can create magic in their room!

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