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100Krafts: How We Approach Interior Design Projects?

100Krafts: How We Approach Interior Design Projects?

“Design to communicate not only to decorate“

Time and again we have felt the common mistakes that being repeated either by interior designer or customers looking for interior works to be done at their place.

Wether the interior design is to be meant for new abode or renovating the interiors after spending the fortune.  Over many years of experiences after discussing with many of our clients and designers. The underline is:

“Interior Design is more about communication to external and not only to decorate”

At 100Krafts, we look and begin the design discussion from this perspective. Our philosophy isn’t just about decorating the space with chic materials, articles, artefacts etc.

It goes beyond.

The goal of designing interior projects is to reflect the “personality” of the homeowner. This requires a lot of thought, lots of discussion with home owners, understanding many parameters before starts sketching.

After all, the owners going to live inside for many years to come.  With the tremendous difference, bits of customization can make that difference. Investing in customization is the key. Connection is to design is equally important as this influences every day’s life.

The dwellers inside needs to feel fresh and connected with their spaces everyday and for years to come. That’s the underline of interior design. 

Everyday when they experience the home it should give them a sense of wow and value and worth of the investment.

Design is art and science at the same time. The art and creativity in designers mind needs to be put in a scientific method to get the maximum benefit and most optimal results.

We have several experts designers, furnishing and lifestyle consultant, kitchen specialists to paint and coating experts.

All well coordinated and invited in the project at the right junctures. Design and its implementation both well managed to justify our philosophy.

We design to communicate not only to decorate.

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